Book Coming in January of 2016

Murder in Mountain Springs - Cover Art

Jake Soubrette was employed by the USCIS agency headquartered in Washington, D. C. He had been sent to  Mountain Springs, Utah, to investigate reports of an organization which was bringing oriental girls  into the United States with the promise of finding them an American husband. Instead, they were forced to work as prostitutes in a business that was advertised as a health spa.

Kate Harrington owned the lodge where Jake stayed during his investigation. Kate and Jake were attracted to each other, but she knew he wasn’t the right man for her.

When an oriental girl was discovered murdered  in the National Forest, Jake was determined to find more information about the the health spa. He made a trip to Salt Lake City hoping to interview the owner. While he was gone, Kate, thinking Jake had gone to the health spa, went there. She is caught and tied up by Kuri,  the oriental lady who runs it.

When Jake returned from Salt Lake, he was in a panic when he realized that Kate has disappeared. Will he find her before Kuri kills her?